Hi there! I'm Jordyn.

For years, I danced and choreographed professionally. But then my feet got tired. Now I write and use cameras to tell my stories.  

Let me help you tell your story. Whether you're embarking on a crazy project (like building a road bike out of recycled popsicle sticks), promoting a sustainable cause through your business, preparing for an epic adventure, or you just want to make something cool, let's work together to create something authentic, adventurous, and blissfully whimsical.                                    

Whimsy Media specializes in providing professionally written content and film production—with a heaping side of eccentric lightheartedness. Whether you're looking for targeted copy, blog posts, print articles, or compelling video shorts, I create content that is both highly engaging and glittering with whimsicality.        

Sick of churning out vapid content? Need video shorts? Copy or blog posts? Want to work together? Want to go mountain biking? Awesome, then... 

reach out and say 'hey'!

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What do people call you?